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Perfect beach vacation that you can't forget in your lifetime

A beach vacation to fill fresh energy in your life

You may have found many exciting ways to celebrate your summer vacation. But no one will deny that one of the great ways to push the boat out is by going for a beach vacation. A beach vacation allows you to poke around for seashells, build sand castles, ride on waves and enjoy the evening sun in peace. When some prefer spots that give them peace of mind and silence, certain others look for crowded and crazy destinations. Though people will have difference of opinion when it comes to the type of enjoyment they want, the beaches around the world have the same three essential ingredients sun, sand and ambiance. Those who want to tan their skin and those who want to take world class swimming lessons agree that beaches are the finest destination for all such amazing activities.

Zanzibar's brilliant white beaches

Zanzibar is an island lined up with banana palms, mangroves and coconut trees. The island is home to more than 25 beautiful beaches . This island paradise with white sandy beaches and luke warm turquoise water is a perfect place to enjoy vacation in a calm and relaxed mood. Those who want be away from the busy and crowded city life can come here and breathe some pure air and soak up the sun. The only noise that breaks the silence of this peaceful location is the sea waves. Located on the west coast of Zanzibar is the Mangapwani beach. This beach attracts visitors with picturesque nature and blue - green water. On the east of Zanzibar lies the Matemwe, Pwani Mchangani, Kiwengwa, Uroa, Bwejuu and Jambiani beaches. A life close to nature is possible here.

Langkawi Beaches in Malaysia

Langkawi Beaches of Malaysia stretches to a long distance with sandy shores and sweeping coastline. Among the beaches in Malaysia theses beaches are said to be the most attractive ones. On its magnetic beauty the beaches here become a much-loved vacation spot of both locals and international tourists. The Pantai Cenang and Pantai Kok are the two famous beaches in Langkawi. The Pantai Cenang beach carpeted by white sands is famous for surfing over the wave. Trendy restaurants and bars can be seen towards this part of the island. Meanwhile, Pantai Kok located 12 km north of Cenang is surrounded by heavy mountains and lime stone caves. You can go for boat riding and enjoy the beauty of the island in a close way. Other two beaches in Langkawi are the Pantai Tengah and Tanjung Rhu. To spend quality time in these beaches book your tickets in advance. Beach vacation rentals can help in your beach vacation a superb one.

Tenerife - the largest of the seven Canary Islands

Beautiful Tenerife catches everyone's attractions with its sun kissed beaches and fantastic weather. The golden sandy beaches of Tenerife offer relaxation, adventure and good times for millions of tourists visiting here every year. Take a break away with your kids on these sandy beaches and enjoy the fun-packed water games, along with basking in the evening sun. Ask the assistance of beach vacation rentals to plan everything perfectly. The beach offers many interesting water sports, clubbing and chill outs around the beach. While you are in Tenerife take some excellent photos of your maximum enjoyment times and share it with people planning to visit the beach, by uploading the photographs on Tenerife website.

Arambol Beach in Goa

The Arambol Beach in the north of Goa is another pristine beach for people looking for peace and tranquillity. The beach is 50 Kms away from Panaji. Sulphurous mud lining the beach can be applied on the body and wash it on the boiling hot springs. Just apply it and see how it can make wonders on the skin. People choose this beach as a perfect spot for sunbathing. Arambol is a beach with rocky outer lining and brown sandy inner linings. It has a fresh water lagoon that extends from valley to the thick jungle. The main beach has a sand curving bed which is good for swimming. If you are interested in dolphins, then take a dolphin watching boat trip. Meanwhile, the shops adjacent to the beach introduce to Indian art, various types of ornaments and highly fashioned Indian outfits. Call the Goa beach vacation rentals as early as possible to make your trip to Arambol a superb one.

Pink Sands of Bahamas

Bahamas is blessed with a good weather throughout the year. Perfect weather conditions and alluring beaches make this island an all-time favourite of Beach vacationers beach vacationers. Among the beaches Pink Sands beach stand out on its natural beauty and luxury resorts. Another important factor that enhances the beauty of the beach is the extendedly stretched pink sand shores. The gentle and warm water specially protected from the rolling waves is ideal for swimming. You can see coral reefs on different colours. Is it the pink colour coral reefs surrounding the beach give the beach sand a pink colour? Have to study about it. However it is, in the beach you have lots of recreational activities to fill the hours between the sunrise and the sun set. Going for a boat trip, enjoying the school of fishes on snorkelling, testing your fish catching skills and taking a walk around the town are some of them. Best time to visit Pink Sands is from December to Mays, if you have any plans to visit this place then contact beach vacation rentals. It is at during these months the temperature will lower to nearly 70-75 degree Fahrenheit and tropical storms will be calm.

Maya Bay In Thailand

Another beach with stunningly beautiful bay is Maya Bay in Thailand. With silky soft white sand, exotic marine life and dark blue water the beach is attracting thousands of tourists towards it. One can have so much fun on the beach. Everyday many speedboats and ferry boats carry hundreds of sightseers and snorkelers to the deep sea waters. Snorkelling and kayaking are the two popular activities on the beach. Beach vacation rentals lend a helping hand to make your beach trip a memorable one.

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